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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division YOUTH High Spreads

351554227Alice Durand (YOUTH2)Joanna Bingham (YOUTH6)
1425542117Jack Durand (YOUTH1)Joanna Bingham (YOUTH6)
7401568167Jack Durand (YOUTH1)Timmy Malcolm (YOUTH5)
2334552218Jack Durand (YOUTH1)Timmy Malcolm (YOUTH5)
6322562240Jack Durand (YOUTH1)Hannah Poole (YOUTH4)
3242521279Jack Durand (YOUTH1)Hannah Poole (YOUTH4)
7237435198William Rarichara (YOUTH3)Joanna Bingham (YOUTH6)
2229434205William Rarichara (YOUTH3)Joanna Bingham (YOUTH6)
4223398175Hannah Poole (YOUTH4)Joanna Bingham (YOUTH6)
4191484293Jack Durand (YOUTH1)William Rarichara (YOUTH3)
1155407252Hannah Poole (YOUTH4)Timmy Malcolm (YOUTH5)
5135352217Timmy Malcolm (YOUTH5)Joanna Bingham (YOUTH6)
6130302172Timmy Malcolm (YOUTH5)Joanna Bingham (YOUTH6)
592463371Jack Durand (YOUTH1)Alice Durand (YOUTH2)
586349263Hannah Poole (YOUTH4)William Rarichara (YOUTH3)
379374295William Rarichara (YOUTH3)Timmy Malcolm (YOUTH5)
177349272Alice Durand (YOUTH2)William Rarichara (YOUTH3)
449363314Alice Durand (YOUTH2)Timmy Malcolm (YOUTH5)
722349327Alice Durand (YOUTH2)Hannah Poole (YOUTH4)
613378365William Rarichara (YOUTH3)Alice Durand (YOUTH2)
213355342Hannah Poole (YOUTH4)Alice Durand (YOUTH2)

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