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Rotary Open Scrabble Championship of Wiltshire
Sunday 11th September 2016

Division YOUTH Round 7 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
17–0+2007Jack Durand (YOUTH1)1W:568-167:YOUTH5
24–3+545Alice Durand (YOUTH2)1W:349-327:YOUTH4
34–3+204William Rarichara (YOUTH3)1W:435-198:YOUTH6
44–3−109Hannah Poole (YOUTH4)2L:327-349:YOUTH2
52–5−753Timmy Malcolm (YOUTH5)2L:167-568:YOUTH1
60–7−1894Joanna Bingham (YOUTH6)2L:198-435:YOUTH3

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