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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division A Round 6 Alphabetic Pairings

8Anne Ashmore (A16) repliesJohn Ashmore (A8) starts
8John Ashmore (A8) startsAnne Ashmore (A16) replies
14Joseph Bennett (A11) repliesJake Berliner (A28) starts
14Jake Berliner (A28) startsJoseph Bennett (A11) replies
4Vince Boyle (A14) startsElie Dangoor(Exp) (A7) replies
7Ruth Cawsey (A25) startsTeresa Lyes (A27) replies
10Christine Cooper (A24) repliesJohn Matthews (A13) starts
6Paul Cousins (A19) repliesPaul Coyle (A10) starts
6Paul Coyle (A10) startsPaul Cousins (A19) replies
4Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A7) repliesVince Boyle (A14) starts
5Nick Deller (A6) startsRik Kennedy(Exp) (A2) replies
3Andrew Eames (A15) repliesDavid Shenkin (A26) starts
13Phil Kelly (A22) repliesMatthew Pinner (A17) starts
5Rik Kennedy(Exp) (A2) repliesNick Deller (A6) starts
12Victoria Kingham (A20) repliesBob Violett(Exp) (A9) starts
2Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1) startsNatalie Zolty(Exp) (A5) replies
7Teresa Lyes (A27) repliesRuth Cawsey (A25) starts
11Ellie Mackin (A23) repliesRobert Richland(Exp) (A12) starts
10John Matthews (A13) startsChristine Cooper (A24) replies
9Caroline McLaughlin (A18) repliesBobbie Taylor (A21) starts
13Matthew Pinner (A17) startsPhil Kelly (A22) replies
11Robert Richland(Exp) (A12) startsEllie Mackin (A23) replies
1Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A3) startsCraig Solomons(Exp) (A4) replies
3David Shenkin (A26) startsAndrew Eames (A15) replies
1Craig Solomons(Exp) (A4) repliesPhil Robertshaw(GM) (A3) starts
9Bobbie Taylor (A21) startsCaroline McLaughlin (A18) replies
12Bob Violett(Exp) (A9) startsVictoria Kingham (A20) replies
2Natalie Zolty(Exp) (A5) repliesHarshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1) starts

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