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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division A Round 4 Ratings

PlayerLast GameNext Game
14–0+701183199+16Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A3)1W:488-328:A10starts vs. A8 @8
24–0+549171196+25John Ashmore (A8)1W:512-270:A24replies vs. A3 @8
34–0+547188203+15Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)1W:424-337:A11replies vs. A4 @1
44–0+507176203+27Craig Solomons(Exp) (A4)1W:521-410:A15starts vs. A1 @1
54–0+482160203+43Robert Richland(Exp) (A12)2W:466-376:A28replies vs. A15 @3
64–0+299152204+52Anne Ashmore (A16)2W:442-376:A27starts vs. A14 @6
73–1+244138180+42Ellie Mackin (A23)1W:397-339:A17starts vs. A28 @11
83–1+204173169−4Natalie Zolty(Exp) (A5)1W:448-378:A13starts vs. A6 @12
93–1+202173169−4Nick Deller (A6)1W:517-363:A20replies vs. A5 @12
103–1+163159179+20Vince Boyle (A14)2W:502-393:A2replies vs. A16 @6
112–2+316172153−19Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A7)1W:626-285:A21replies vs. A11 @2
122–2+150134162+28David Shenkin (A26)1L:352-353:A19replies vs. A20 @14
132–2+67185150−35Rik Kennedy(Exp) (A2)1L:393-502:A14starts vs. A9 @5
142–2+27144155+11Paul Cousins (A19)2W:353-352:A26starts vs. A13 @13
152–2−86155160+5Andrew Eames (A15)2L:410-521:A4starts vs. A12 @3
162–2−124165144−21Bob Violett(Exp) (A9)1L:303-438:A22replies vs. A2 @5
172–2−160162157−5Paul Coyle (A10)2L:328-488:A3replies vs. A18 @9
181–3−27137140+3Ruth Cawsey (A25)1W:462-294:A18replies vs. A24 @10
191–3−87138139+1Phil Kelly (A22)2W:438-303:A9starts vs. A27 @7
201–3−140159130−29John Matthews (A13)2L:378-448:A5replies vs. A19 @13
211–3−312161131−30Joseph Bennett (A11)2L:337-424:A1starts vs. A7 @2
221–3−443140137−3Victoria Kingham (A20)2L:363-517:A6starts vs. A26 @14
231–3−483138140+2Christine Cooper (A24)2L:270-512:A8starts vs. A25 @10
240–4−318128111−17Teresa Lyes (A27)1L:376-442:A16replies vs. A22 @7
250–4−438149107−42Matthew Pinner (A17)2L:339-397:A23starts vs. A21 @4
260–4−478128113−15Jake Berliner (A28)1L:376-466:A12replies vs. A23 @11
270–4−580148107−41Caroline McLaughlin (A18)2L:294-462:A25starts vs. A10 @9
280–4−782139113−26Bobbie Taylor (A21)2L:285-626:A7replies vs. A17 @4

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