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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division A Round 7 Scores

Robertshaw(GM), Phil3502Lamabadusuriya(GM), Harshan1401101
Zolty(Exp), Natalie5373Boyle, Vince1436211
Ashmore, John8448Dangoor(Exp), Elie742127
Violett(Exp), Bob9441Shenkin, David2640041
Coyle, Paul10521Kennedy(Exp), Rik2367154
Richland(Exp), Robert12605Solomons(Exp), Craig4349256
Eames, Andrew15574Deller, Nick6316258
Ashmore, Anne16457Mackin, Ellie234543
Pinner, Matthew17504Lyes, Teresa27245259
McLaughlin, Caroline18488Bennett, Joseph11335153
Kingham, Victoria20504Kelly, Phil22344160
Taylor, Bobbie21410Berliner, Jake2835159
Cooper, Christine24402Cousins, Paul1936636
Cawsey, Ruth25474Matthews, John1341559

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