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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division A Round 12 Scores

Lamabadusuriya(GM), Harshan1503Deller, Nick640994
Kennedy(Exp), Rik2376Berliner, Jake283733
Robertshaw(GM), Phil3448Violett(Exp), Bob941137
Solomons(Exp), Craig4462Zolty(Exp), Natalie538379
Dangoor(Exp), Elie7374Ashmore, Anne1630866
Coyle, Paul10380Richland(Exp), Robert1236614
Boyle, Vince14445Ashmore, John839748
Eames, Andrew15422Cawsey, Ruth2533785
Pinner, Matthew17485Bennett, Joseph11331154
Cousins, Paul19456Lyes, Teresa2736591
Kingham, Victoria20424McLaughlin, Caroline1840123
Taylor, Bobbie21483Cooper, Christine2442855
Kelly, Phil22351Shenkin, David2633516
Mackin, Ellie23472Matthews, John13369103

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