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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division A Round 18 Scores

Lamabadusuriya(GM), Harshan1548Zolty(Exp), Natalie5404144
Robertshaw(GM), Phil3469Eames, Andrew1543237
Deller, Nick6456Richland(Exp), Robert124524
Dangoor(Exp), Elie7441Solomons(Exp), Craig437764
Ashmore, John8385Kennedy(Exp), Rik236223
Violett(Exp), Bob9510Boyle, Vince14319191
Pinner, Matthew17450Cooper, Christine2441436
McLaughlin, Caroline18422Berliner, Jake28261161
Cousins, Paul19394Bennett, Joseph1134450
Kelly, Phil22465Matthews, John1343332
Mackin, Ellie23426Ashmore, Anne164233
Cawsey, Ruth25430Taylor, Bobbie2137753
Shenkin, David26454Coyle, Paul1035896
Lyes, Teresa27509Kingham, Victoria20367142

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