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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division A Round 20 Scores

Lamabadusuriya(GM), Harshan1442Zolty(Exp), Natalie542220
Kennedy(Exp), Rik2511Deller, Nick650110
Solomons(Exp), Craig4486Robertshaw(GM), Phil340779
Ashmore, John8468Dangoor(Exp), Elie745711
Coyle, Paul10525Pinner, Matthew17400125
Bennett, Joseph11409Cooper, Christine2436742
Richland(Exp), Robert12424Matthews, John1340420
Boyle, Vince14445Shenkin, David2634699
Eames, Andrew15501Violett(Exp), Bob945843
McLaughlin, Caroline18426Lyes, Teresa27323103
Cousins, Paul19380Ashmore, Anne1636416
Kingham, Victoria20447Cawsey, Ruth2540740
Taylor, Bobbie21485Berliner, Jake2842263
Mackin, Ellie23483Kelly, Phil22366117

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