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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division A High Total Scores

11055917.0- 6.0+1383Harshan Lamabadusuriya(GM) (A1)
21049618.0- 5.0+1649Phil Robertshaw(GM) (A3)
31036317.0- 6.0+960Craig Solomons(Exp) (A4)
41033013.0-10.0+1132Elie Dangoor(Exp) (A7)
51025913.0-10.0+1199Bob Violett(Exp) (A9)
6999014.0- 9.0+341Nick Deller (A6)
7994614.0- 9.0+275Rik Kennedy(Exp) (A2)
8990713.0-10.0+296Robert Richland(Exp) (A12)
9990612.0-11.0+526John Ashmore (A8)
10986413.0-10.0+244Andrew Eames (A15)
11966811.0-12.0+251John Matthews (A13)
12965511.0-12.0-53Ellie Mackin (A23)
13958010.0-13.0-21Paul Coyle (A10)
14948410.0-13.0-161Matthew Pinner (A17)
15948213.0-10.0-668Natalie Zolty(Exp) (A5)
16943212.0-11.0+350David Shenkin (A26)
17938212.0-11.0-15Vince Boyle (A14)
18936712.0-11.0-270Joseph Bennett (A11)
19915111.0-12.0-297Phil Kelly (A22)
209141 6.0-17.0-493Caroline McLaughlin (A18)
21905410.0-13.0-623Victoria Kingham (A20)
22898410.0-13.0-617Christine Cooper (A24)
238968 8.0-15.0-760Ruth Cawsey (A25)
24884710.0-13.0-375Anne Ashmore (A16)
25880811.0-12.0-461Paul Cousins (A19)
268763 9.0-14.0-1242Bobbie Taylor (A21)
278520 6.0-17.0-1174Jake Berliner (A28)
288333 6.0-17.0-1376Teresa Lyes (A27)

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