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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division B Round 10 Alphabetic Pairings

20Mary Allen (B7) repliesLinda Barratt (B11) starts
16Stany Arnold (B15) startsNicky Huitson (B3) replies
20Linda Barratt (B11) startsMary Allen (B7) replies
23Adrienne Berger (B6) startsGerry Gleeson (B16) replies
22Sydney Berger (B12) repliesTess McCarthy (B10) starts
15Suzanne Dundas (B4) repliesSayaka Kamikariya (B18) starts
23Gerry Gleeson (B16) repliesAdrienne Berger (B6) starts
21Alison Holmes (B14) startsRuth MacInerney (B8) replies
16Nicky Huitson (B3) repliesStany Arnold (B15) starts
15Sayaka Kamikariya (B18) startsSuzanne Dundas (B4) replies
18Greg Kelly (B1) startsPeter Thorpe (B9) replies
21Ruth MacInerney (B8) repliesAlison Holmes (B14) starts
19Stuart May (B13) repliesAlison Sadler (B5) starts
22Tess McCarthy (B10) startsSydney Berger (B12) replies
17Kathy Richland (B2) startsBridget Wardell (B17) replies
19Alison Sadler (B5) startsStuart May (B13) replies
18Peter Thorpe (B9) repliesGreg Kelly (B1) starts
17Bridget Wardell (B17) repliesKathy Richland (B2) starts

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