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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division B Round 3 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
15Suzanne Dundas (B4) *starts* vs. Alison Sadler (B5)
16Nicky Huitson (B3) *starts* vs. Kathy Richland (B2)
17Sayaka Kamikariya (B18) *starts* vs. Greg Kelly (B1)
18Gerry Gleeson (B16) *starts* vs. Bridget Wardell (B17)
19Linda Barratt (B11) *starts* vs. Tess McCarthy (B10)
20Stany Arnold (B15) *starts* vs. Alison Holmes (B14)
21Ruth MacInerney (B8) *starts* vs. Peter Thorpe (B9)
22Sydney Berger (B12) *starts* vs. Stuart May (B13)
23Mary Allen (B7) *starts* vs. Adrienne Berger (B6)

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