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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division B Round 7 Standings

PlayerLast GameNext Game
17–0+594163Suzanne Dundas (B4)2W:402-294:B17starts vs. B7 @15
26–1+781141Tess McCarthy (B10)1L:365-406:B14replies vs. B13 @19
36–1+387144Ruth MacInerney (B8)2W:391-370:B16starts vs. B11 @22
45–2+395139Greg Kelly (B1)1W:405-359:B12replies vs. B3 @16
55–2+74147Mary Allen (B7)2W:407-358:B9replies vs. B4 @15
64½–2½+213139Alison Sadler (B5)1W:458-329:B11starts vs. B2 @18
74–3+116125Kathy Richland (B2)1W:433-369:B15replies vs. B5 @18
84–3+114118Adrienne Berger (B6)1W:354-306:B18replies vs. B9 @23
94–3+90119Sydney Berger (B12)2L:359-405:B1starts vs. B15 @17
103½–3½−203115Bridget Wardell (B17)1L:294-402:B4starts vs. B14 @20
113–4−23112Alison Holmes (B14)2W:406-365:B10replies vs. B17 @20
122–5−96103Peter Thorpe (B9)1L:358-407:B7starts vs. B6 @23
132–5−297107Linda Barratt (B11)2L:329-458:B5replies vs. B8 @22
142–5−371104Stuart May (B13)1W:400-367:B3starts vs. B10 @19
152–5−71293Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)2L:306-354:B6replies vs. B16 @21
161–6−9385Nicky Huitson (B3)2L:367-400:B13starts vs. B1 @16
171–6−35394Stany Arnold (B15)2L:369-433:B2replies vs. B12 @17
181–6−61679Gerry Gleeson (B16)1L:370-391:B8starts vs. B18 @21

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