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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division B Round 16 Standings

PlayerLast GameNext Game
112½–3½+880149Alison Sadler (B5)1W:387-277:B10replies vs. B14 @18
212–4+779146Greg Kelly (B1)1W:451-315:B4replies vs. B6 @23
311–5+482138Suzanne Dundas (B4)2L:315-451:B1starts vs. B8 @15
411–5+406136Ruth MacInerney (B8)1L:407-420:B3replies vs. B4 @15
511–5+254139Mary Allen (B7)2W:393-370:B12starts vs. B16 @19
610–6+263134Kathy Richland (B2)1W:414-347:B6replies vs. B10 @17
79–7+801123Tess McCarthy (B10)2L:277-387:B5starts vs. B2 @17
88–8+516120Nicky Huitson (B3)2W:420-407:B8starts vs. B12 @16
98–8+455117Sydney Berger (B12)1L:370-393:B7replies vs. B3 @16
108–8+115121Peter Thorpe (B9)1W:443-347:B14replies vs. B18 @21
118–8+80118Adrienne Berger (B6)2L:347-414:B2starts vs. B1 @23
126–10−188105Alison Holmes (B14)2L:347-443:B9starts vs. B5 @18
136–10−499108Linda Barratt (B11)2L:311-466:B16starts vs. B17 @20
146–10−645108Stuart May (B13)1W:398-379:B18replies vs. B15 @22
156–10−84596Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)2L:379-398:B13starts vs. B9 @21
165–11−638101Stany Arnold (B15)2W:367-308:B17starts vs. B13 @22
173½–12½−122585Bridget Wardell (B17)1L:308-367:B15replies vs. B11 @20
183–13−99185Gerry Gleeson (B16)1W:466-311:B11replies vs. B7 @19

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