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Easter Matchplay Saturday 29 March to Monday April 1 - Coventry

Division B Rating Upsets

697514412441314Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Kathy Richland (B2)
64751392397369Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Nicky Huitson (B3)
53911442418337Gerry Gleeson (B16)Kathy Richland (B2)
51841355382316Bridget Wardell (B17)Adrienne Berger (B6)
48991476414312Alison Holmes (B14)Greg Kelly (B1)
449113510375369Gerry Gleeson (B16)Adrienne Berger (B6)
39751144368350Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Sydney Berger (B12)
371021397400367Stuart May (B13)Nicky Huitson (B3)
369913512402278Alison Holmes (B14)Adrienne Berger (B6)
348411817417400Bridget Wardell (B17)Linda Barratt (B11)
3011414413416297Sydney Berger (B12)Kathy Richland (B2)
309812811407318Stany Arnold (B15)Peter Thorpe (B9)
279111816466311Gerry Gleeson (B16)Linda Barratt (B11)
261181446368356Linda Barratt (B11)Kathy Richland (B2)
261021282441398Stuart May (B13)Peter Thorpe (B9)
2511914417457378Tess McCarthy (B10)Kathy Richland (B2)
24759915467373Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Alison Holmes (B14)
23759818397361Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Stany Arnold (B15)
221141361384375Sydney Berger (B12)Alison Sadler (B5)
201191391466374Tess McCarthy (B10)Nicky Huitson (B3)
2011913913499285Tess McCarthy (B10)Suzanne Dundas (B4)
20991197406365Alison Holmes (B14)Tess McCarthy (B10)
1912814710429424Peter Thorpe (B9)Greg Kelly (B1)
18841021370348Bridget Wardell (B17)Stuart May (B13)
188410223416329Bridget Wardell (B17)Stuart May (B13)
171021198316307Stuart May (B13)Tess McCarthy (B10)
1611913511461420Tess McCarthy (B10)Adrienne Berger (B6)
1610211811340337Stuart May (B13)Linda Barratt (B11)
1610211818402386Stuart May (B13)Linda Barratt (B11)
1675918413299Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Gerry Gleeson (B16)
16759122425372Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Gerry Gleeson (B16)
151291441424387Ruth MacInerney (B8)Kathy Richland (B2)
1512914419390379Ruth MacInerney (B8)Kathy Richland (B2)
1411813210364293Linda Barratt (B11)Mary Allen (B7)
1213514717395371Adrienne Berger (B6)Greg Kelly (B1)
111361474443423Alison Sadler (B5)Greg Kelly (B1)
1113614723372260Alison Sadler (B5)Greg Kelly (B1)
111281396382380Peter Thorpe (B9)Nicky Huitson (B3)
1112813922446349Peter Thorpe (B9)Nicky Huitson (B3)
119110220465342Gerry Gleeson (B16)Stuart May (B13)
1012913920380353Ruth MacInerney (B8)Suzanne Dundas (B4)
101191292471371Tess McCarthy (B10)Ruth MacInerney (B8)
1011912918414359Tess McCarthy (B10)Ruth MacInerney (B8)
9758414395359Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Bridget Wardell (B17)
9758420390359Sayaka Kamikariya (B18)Bridget Wardell (B17)
813914719480408Suzanne Dundas (B4)Greg Kelly (B1)
81361448450344Alison Sadler (B5)Kathy Richland (B2)
8919921334279Gerry Gleeson (B16)Alison Holmes (B14)
71321394402382Mary Allen (B7)Nicky Huitson (B3)
71321398377369Mary Allen (B7)Suzanne Dundas (B4)
713213921411330Mary Allen (B7)Suzanne Dundas (B4)
784913374317Bridget Wardell (B17)Gerry Gleeson (B16)
513914420427315Nicky Huitson (B3)Kathy Richland (B2)
511411910425327Sydney Berger (B12)Tess McCarthy (B10)
413513922382314Adrienne Berger (B6)Suzanne Dundas (B4)
49810217419335Stany Arnold (B15)Stuart May (B13)
314414714452354Kathy Richland (B2)Greg Kelly (B1)
313613915488436Alison Sadler (B5)Nicky Huitson (B3)
313613918455344Alison Sadler (B5)Suzanne Dundas (B4)
31321353396376Mary Allen (B7)Adrienne Berger (B6)
313213523445383Mary Allen (B7)Adrienne Berger (B6)
312913214401350Ruth MacInerney (B8)Mary Allen (B7)
39910214328320Alison Holmes (B14)Stuart May (B13)
113513614444377Adrienne Berger (B6)Alison Sadler (B5)
198993370325Stany Arnold (B15)Alison Holmes (B14)

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